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There is a "tension" between offering age-appropriate and needed ministries that cater to the needs of all people at the church while not dividing the family too much.  At Chapel Hill, we are a unique church in that we are approach ministries with a mindset of offering "separate and together" ministries.  Children and youth need programming that meets their developmental needs, but children and youth also need meaningful interaction with adults and mentors.  At the same time, adults of all life-stages need ministries that are best suited for them but they too benefit from the energy and exuberance of youth.  Check out our ministries that try to have "the best of both worlds".

Worship For All Ages

All ages are encouraged to worship and serve together.  11:00 Worship is for the entire family.  Statistic show that youth drop out of church BECAUSE of separate worship from adults and mentors.  Attending worship and serving together helps keep young people plugged into the life of The Church well after graduation.  Young people need the experience of older people and older people need the energy and excitement of younger people.  Of course, the difference is for infants and toddlers.  During worship services, we offer childcare for infants and toddlers so that parents can be fully attentive to meeting their spiritual needs.

Programs For All Ages

Listed below, you will see some of our age-specific ministries and who you can contact in order to get involved.  While we love the reality of families being in worship together, we also know the reality of needing to meet the spiritual and developmental needs of all ages.  Whether you are a wise-aged person, a High School Student or a Child, we have age appropriate programming and activities just for you but we STILL BELIEVE that the best place to grow is in relationships with folks of all ages and experiences.  Sometimes "less programs" actually equals better growth and relationships!


Chapel Hill United Methodist Seniors really do become "Chums"!  Whether it is in Sunday Morning Bible Study or special outings, CHUMS is a place to grow relationally and spiritually.

CHUMS Contacts:

Liz Masingill

Jeannette Johnston

Youth and Children's  Ministries

Chapel Hill has a small but growing youth and children's programs  If you are interested in Youth or Children programs.

Chapel Hill UMC was recently recognized for the outstanding work done in the area of Intergenerational and Connectional Ministry by getting a Grant from the North Georgia United Methodist Conference for Youth Ministry. We hope to keep that same pioneering spirit in our Children's Ministry. Everything we do is to equip families to have the best family life we can.  

The church joins with other congregations in that area to enhance the  opportunities with children and youth programs. believing that kids enjoy being with a larger group. 

Children And Youth Contact:

Pastor Tom Bowen   

Worship Arts

Whether you like to sing, play an instrument, design stages or run lights and sound, we have a place for you to be involved!  Worship is the one thing that ONLY The Church is called to do.   We are unique in that we have an Intergenerational Worship Team that has both adults and young people. We are blended in our music approach singing some of your favorite traditional songs and contemporary worship. It is TRULY a blended service and you are sure to find something you like!

Worship Arts Contact:

Steve Story

For Up-To-Date Ministry Information...

We encourage you to check our updated Facebook page and "like" us. You can send us an email to register for any upcoming events ( or you can send us a message on facebook if you want to request more information OR register for an event!


Committed to ALL Families!